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In determining if 2nd Order Solutions is the right career choice for you, it may help to understand how we are structured, how we work, and how your skills and interests may fit with our firm. We have two career paths, but members of each work closely together on client teams.


Our consultants use analytic-driven problem solving to drive unique credit risk solutions for our clients. We work closely with our clients to frame the challenges, determine what information and data are available, and craft fact-based solutions that rely on cutting edge analytic and/or modeling techniques. We work as part of teams to assist clients in implementing these solutions to capture optimal value.


Ideal consultants have a background in quantitative problem solving with undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in math or engineering, and experience in roles involving rigorous analysis. They have high-order business savvy to quickly identify points of economic and analytic leverage. Consultants also must be empathetic problems solvers who work well as part of a team both within 2nd Order and with clients. Experience in credit risk is preferred though not required.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists are elite level modelers with either masters or PhD in a quantitative field. We are able to understand and work with very complex data structures and work with clients to optimally structure data for analysis. We work collaboratively to identify the most effective analytic and modeling approaches to solve complex credit risk issues for our clients.


Ideal data scientists have a masters or Phd in a quantitative field and several years of work experience in a relevant field. Data Scientists must be able to work seamlessly with different types and quality of data and be able to work backward from a deep understanding of the business problem to develop the appropriate models. Complete fluency in a statistical package such as SAS or R is required. They also should have experience and comfort in an analytically intense environment.

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